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The Pelso Bay Apartments & Yacht Club is the most exciting real estate development on the northern shore of Lake Balaton.

The 6 different style buildings created in the investment project feature 121 luxury apartments as well as numerous conveniences solely available for owners catering to the highest level of demands, serving as a resort, home and investment. The development located within the municipal boundaries of Alsóörs on a lakeside lot offering the most stunning views from the northern shore provides future flat owners with real experiences throughout the year.

Location, amenities

Alsóörs, only 6 km away from Balatonfüred, away from its noise, with a perfect view of Tihany

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Lake Balaton, lifestyle
The development is located directly in the waterfront, with eternal panorama, in the immediate vicinity of a building permit port.
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Own internal lake
The apartments surround an inner lake of approximately 1 hectare, making part of the wonders of the water world to our everyday life of our family.
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Closed system
Maximum security! The community building of the beach, wellness and yacht club can only be used by residents and their guests.


A brief introduction to the environs of the Balaton Uplands: it has everything one could hope for, from parties to cultural events, sailing and hiking.

Pelso Bay will be established in Alsóörs, on the northern shores of the eastern reach of Lake Balaton, close to the popular sites of the region and practically a stone’s throw from all the experiences, recreational, entertainment and cultural opportunities of the northern shore.

Everything that provides perfect relaxation and recreation is within arm’s reach. Balatonfüred, deservedly referred to as the capital of the northern shore, offers romantic walkways and a vibrant nightlife. The picturesque Tihany peninsula features arts and crafts vendors, the Inner Lake of volcanic origin, fields of lavender and the ferry port providing quick access to the southern shore with the Benedictine abbey towering over all else. The list of events includes the summer flurry of the cultural scene, wine festivals, the Anna Ball of Balatonfüred, the Valley of Arts events or the Paloznak Jazz Picnic. Golf clubs and the sailing competitions on Lake Balaton – including the famous Kék Szalag (Blue Ribbon) race – tempt the lovers of active lifestyles along with the international bicycle path encircling the lake. The aqua park of Balatonfüred, various adventure parks, the sites of the Balaton Uplands National Park and it caves and paths as well as the breathtaking hiking destinations of the Káli Basin offer a wealth of experiences for families with children. Numerous restaurants, cafés, pastry shops and the finest wineries of the region await the lovers of fine dining. Castles, look-out towers, walkways, beaches… All of this is within immediate reach from Alsóörs.

Real estate data in figures
Apartments & Yacht Club, Alsóörs

Have you ever told yourself, what a shame, when you saw a valuable building on an average lot? The PelsoBay Project offers properties with a unique design and layout on an exceptionally sited and oriented lot with an eternal panorama on the shores of Lake Balaton.

Within the framework of the development, in 6 extended townhouse-style building clusters, we are offering nearly 120 apartment units, ranging from 30 to 250 m2. Having gained knowledge about the needs of customers, there is an opportunity to make minor modifications to the design blueprints, to merge or divide apartment units.

The apartment units may be purchased in key-ready form, or in a structurally complete condition, ensuring the perfect customization of the internal layout. With the assistance of our interior decorator and interior architect partners, nothing limits the implementation of individual requirements.

Inspirations of the architect


The key element of the concept is the small interior lake with the buildings erected in arcs on its sides as two sheltering hands, closely nestled to each other, yet featuring a breadth which provides them with separate facades overlooking the lake.

The height of the buildings was determined in a way which offers vantage points over the other structures, providing views of the abbey of Tihany and the peninsula for as many apartments as possible.
One of the basic principals when establishing the site was to provide access to the park without fencing, whilst the architectural massing is characterized by playfulness, a multiplane building character as well as proximity to the water, which is why the various buildings were named after a class of vessels known and used on Lake Balaton.
Together with my colleagues, we intended to design buildings for people who love proximity to the water and enjoy comfort, without worrying about tending to the garden, yet like belonging to a community and have an above-average level of demands when it comes to quality and standards.

Jenő Kajdócsi , Architect

Designers’ thoughts

Each to their own – as they say. For some, the view is crucial, whilst others like to feel more secluded. Some prefer wide open spaces and some like quiet little rooms. Some are tempted by rooftop terraces, jacuzzis and saunas whilst others like the natural shores of Lake Balaton. Some prefer restaurants and cafés, yet others like wine cellars…

The heterogenic structure of the designed buildings, their relation to one another and the lake, their spacial arrangement and structural build-up address a wide range of people. Still, these people surely have one thing in common: the love of the Balaton lifestyle.

Rita Stiebel and János Szepesi architects

Relax, live on the waterfront
Living next to the waterfront is an exceptional gift.On the shore of Lake Balaton, this is combined with a perfect panorama.
Pelso Bay addresses those customers who need complexity and have a breakthrough on the full range of recreational holidays. Be relaxing in a luxurious, quiet environment, on the water and on the waterfront, but entertainment and sparkling cultural life can also be reached in proximity.
Service facilities, convenience units

With Pelso Bay’s amenities, a real experience for its guests, namely a private natural beach, a wellness and cafe open all year round, a charter sailing yacht for rent for lovers of the sport, and our gourmet residents enjoy a wine cellar, rentable wine safaris, cafeteria, drink bar and catering services. We offer a full range of operational services to customers for investment, thus facilitating and supervising the security and revenue generation of their investments and the preservation of their real estate.

  •  Wellness – 800 m2 Wellness throughout the year
  • Yacht Club –  400 m2 two-storey Yacht Club building on the beach
  • Wine treasury
  • 100 m private beach
  • Sailing facilities available for hire
  • Operation services

Modern architectural super panorama, lake access

The different needs of buyers were taken into consideration in the design process The ethereal, full wall portals open the living rooms up to nature, whilst the design of the buildings strives to preserve the privacy of spaces.

The various solutions allow everyone to find the real estate that best suits their needs, whether it’s a small apartment with exclusive garden and interior lake access, a rooftop terrace penthouse real estate or a 6 bedroom super panoramic villa building.

Modern technical solutions

During the development, we preferred the available and effective solutions:

  • The skeleton brick masonry is insulated with a thickness of 20 cm
  • The doors and windows, three-layer, thermo-glazed metal and wood framed structures
  • The heat and cold production is provided by modern single-stage or stairwell central heat pumps (water-water or water-air)
  • The flats are separated by a 15cm step and a soundproof thermal insulation layer
  • The apartments are equipped with ceiling heating and additional floor heating
  • The doors and windows are equipped with shades as needed
  • We provide opportunities for building “smart” homes
  • In case of coatings, sanitary paints, and build-in materials, high abrasion-resistant, aesthetic high-tech products are installed
  • The approach of soling apartments is done through 5 panoramic rear-built 8-person lifts

Building types
We are offering a total of 30-46 soling apartments in 6 buildings with 1, or in case ofpartition, 2 apartments per level per building, in a ground floor and upper storey design.
This is a 3 storey building complex displaying innovative architectural solutions, located in the northern corner of the developmental area. The extended-terraced layout of the building hides the areas of individual apartments well from prying eyes, while ensuring a spacious terrace and a view of Lake Balaton.
2-3 storey, roof terrace equipped buildings with a contemporary design, and if required, with separate entrance options on each level, or as a villa with an inner stairwell and two levels. The roof terrace can be purchased for joint use by the apartments, or for the exclusive use of the upper storey apartment.
The buildings already holding permits have been designed with one or two levels, with an interior garden, an atrium, spacious covered terraces and a direct panorama of tihany.
The 10 villa buildings located in the immediate proximity of the beach (3xskiff, 3xdragon, 4xmelges) are 3-4 bedroom, 150-300 m2 palaces, tailored to the unique needs of future purchasers.
The “U” shaped siting facilitates the separation of night and day zones, and the maximum level of privacy. If required, the building, not listed in the current plans, can be constructed in place of the SKIFF and MELGES buildings.
Recommended for

Early birds – Early birds are our first future buyers, whose individual needs can be integrated into the development plans. The developer shall reward their early decision with a discount. With the discounted purchase of those apartment units that have the best features, the unit they select shall presumably undergo an increase in value by the completion date of the project, thus the purchaser shall generate a profit. Feel free to contact us for the framework of the early birds agreement.

Investors – They are customers primarily purchasing with an investment objective in mind. The goal of the investment can be an increase in value, and/or the generation of revenue. Following the construction of the limited number of residences, the apartment units of the project encompassing unique layouts on Lake Balaton, with wellness facilities and a private beach, serving the purposes of both everyday living and recreation and probably offering a club life as well, will become more valuable. Letting the purchased apartment unit during those periods when the purchaser is not using it will generate revenue. The company that operates the park will also operate the apartments.

Best residence seekers – Among the offerings of the PelsoBay luxury residential park, the residences that have the highest panorama value and are located closest to Lake Balaton (SOLING building 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor, penthouse, Dragon, Skiff, Melges buildings)

Families – Among the offerings of the PelsoBay luxury residential park, the residences that are the perfect venues of a family vacation even for multiple generations, with their single-level living room plus 2-3 rooms and a grandiose, combined kitchen-living room layout.

Sportsmen/women – Among the offerings of the PelsoBay luxury residential park, the residences where the main objective is the provision of a small, Balaton-shore residence/studio apartment, and the maximum utilization of the opportunities offered by the lake and the environment (catamaran, kayak, surfing, running, cycling) is ideal for one person, a small group, or a couple.

Those who seek relaxation and comfort – Among the offerings of the PelsoBay luxury residential park, the residences that are least exposed to other residences, typically on one floor, accessible through an elevator.

Nature lovers – Among the offerings of the PelsoBay luxury residential park, the residences that have garden access, or those that provide the best possible close-to-nature experience due to their location and orientation.

Best price to value ratio (developer valuation) – Among the offerings of the PelsoBay luxury residential park, the residences where based on the valuation of the developer, they offer the best price/value ratio, therefore, for example, a favourable unit price is coupled with a high panorama value, or a favourable price is coupled with a high garden access value, or the unit price itself is the most favourable.

Garden access – Among the offerings of the PelsoBay luxury residential park, the residences with a ground-floor location, with a direct, exclusively garden and lake access.

Most favourable unit price – Among the offerings of the PelsoBay luxury residential park, the residences offering a unit price (the projected purchase price for the net area of the apartment) within the lowest 20% range.

Investor Benefits

Short term: guarantees appreciation as the price of the real estate will continuously increase during the construction until the end of the works and the issuing of the housing permit.

Long term: The growth tendencies of the real estate market and the increasing inclination for foreign real estate acquisition will further increase the real estate’s value.

Lake Balaton is a popular destination for both domestic and foreign guests. Pelso Bay offers a great opportunity throughout the year for those seeking privacy while enjoying active recreation with the wellness facility operating all year round as its highlighted feature, which can even serve as a source of refreshment in the winter, after some ice skating. Therefore the renting period is longer and the profit can be significantly higher than in the case of the utilization of an average family home.

The operator offers:

  • Lease (both long and short term operation) – throughout the year
  • Cleaning services – when needed
  • Technical maintenance

For general and detailed market analyses, please refer to the following link:




Pictures of the current state of the construction

Advantages of advanced bookings

Real estate owners who occupy the first one are welcome with many great gifts.

You can be the owner of one the best apartments
External parking lots at a reasonable price

Optional apartment arrangements based on two or three floor plans
Optional indoor parking
Bookings for limited guest parking still available

Free interior architecture consultation
Free interior design counseling
Optional tiling and sanitary ware

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