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The term SKIFF designates a type of small canvassed sailboat used in the United Kingdom. By the early 19th century, the SKIFF vessels had a unified appearance: their general features included a round-shaped bottom.

They were initially used as river craft and later appeared in races. Since the 1980s, they typically feature a trapeze, where the crew members sit when maneuvering, thus facilitating the progress of the vessel.

The SKIFF is typically characterized by its closeness to the water. The easily capsized, hard to maneuver boat is capable of achieving breakneck speeds and is only recommended for the most skilled sailors.

Panoramic terrace

The SKIFF buildings of Pelso Bay are also characterized by their proximity to the water, as the southern group of buildings in the eastern arc are close to both the shores of Lake Balaton and the interior lake. Residents can enjoy the balconies of the apartments on the ground floor and the roof terraces of the apartments upstairs, just like the crewmembers on a trapeze of a SKIFF sailboat.

The six (or 9 in case of a more partitioned arrangement) extra large size MELGES apartments with amazing panoramic views and terraces can be shaped as desired, even connecting multiple apartments, if needed.

The apartments located upstairs feature the greatest roof terraces, providing a real experience for those who love big family and friendly gatherings in open-air surroundings, yet still in an intimate environment. The ground floor apartments have a garden access.

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