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SOLING is a keelboat class of Norwegian “descent”. The boat was designed by Jan Linge in 1965, which the International Sailing Federation designated as an Olympic class of boats in 1968, maintaining this status for 28 years between 1972 and 2000.

As a universal and highly comfortable and popular boat type, everyone feels at home on such a vessel. It’s characterized by traditional, tried and tested solutions.

Eternal View

The same could be said of the apartments of Pelso Bay’s SOLING buildings, regardless of whether they’re located on the ground floor with garden access, on the first floor or as a rooftop penthouse.

They lack any classic sense of a housing estate, as they don’t overlook the immediate neighbors, allowing the residents to enjoy a complete sense of intimacy, whilst making sure all the apartments have plenty of sunshine.

The individually 56-120 square meter floor area apartments feature balconies or garden access on the ground floor, multiple bedrooms as well as open-plan kitchen layouts and spacious living rooms. The apartments can also be comfortably accessed via a panoramic elevator.

5 PENTHOUSE apartments are located on top and at the southern end of the building complex, each with a roof terrace of over 100 square meters.

Various internal blueprints have been drawn up to satisfy a wide range of needs in the case of connected apartments, with a net ground area of nearly 120 square meters.

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