The reliable

ASSO boats are suitable for larger groups of people and remain reliable even in the toughest conditions. The boat takes its temperament from its designer, Ettore Santarelli who works in the city of Bogliaco on the shores of Lake Garda and who created the design in 1983. The first ASSO appeared in Hungary 15 years later, with Szabolcs Detre at its helm, achieving a series of successes.

Mediterranean loft

This same Italian atmosphere can be witnessed in the apartments of Pelso Bay’s ASSO building. The modern structures with rooftop terraces and apartments predominantly over 70 square meters feature multiple terraces and bedrooms. They are designed with open-plan kitchen layouts, yet they can be somewhat reconfigured according to the technical possibilities, if needed.

The roof terrace can be purchased for joint use by the apartments, or for the exclusive use of the upstairs apartment.The ground floor apartments have a garden access with direct approach to the interior lake.

We take bookings for apartments of up to 140 square meters of floor area. On the first floor, two 35 square meter, yet still spacious and elegant apartments are being created in both buildings.

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