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The DRAGON keelboat is the work of Norwegian designer Johan Anker from 1929. It was an Olympic class vessel from 1948 to 1972.

With its low hull, shallow draught and elegant, cruiser-like design, this highly traditional boat is a long-term choice. It is an incredibly stable, reliable design which can hold its own amongst even the toughest conditions.

Spacious private sphere

In the case of Pelso Bay’s DRAGON buildings, the “U”-shaped architectural style allows for the separation of night and daytime zones, as well as establishing the maximum level of privacy. Considering its sizing, it’s the perfect choice for large families and those who prefer large, spacious rooms. Accordingly, the floor area of the apartments is between 124 and 138.3 square meters.

In our luxury housing estate, these apartments have the best price-value ratio, which means that their favorable square meter price is coupled with at high panoramic value, or have a favorable square meter price coupled with a high garden access value.

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