Dynamic and innovative

FLAAR is a light, dynamic, youthful and innovative boat type. Its character and unique nature is a credit of its Hungarian creators, Zoltán Mezey and Attila Déry. FLAAR mirrors the design of the 2010s, and the first true FLAAR boat was launched in 2010. Functionality also played a key role when designing the rather appealing looking boat. It can be enjoyed both alone and in company

It’s no coincidence that the group of buildings found in the northern end of the western arc of Pelso Bay bears the same name.

All its elements are tempting

The terraced arrangement of the balconies in apartments of the FLAAR complex of three storey buildings which feature clever, light and ethereal architectural solutions ensures complete separation from neighbors.The upstairs apartments have large, interior covered terraces and stunningly beautiful panoramic rooftop terraces, featuring soothingly beautiful views of Lake Balaton. Enjoy relaxing in intimate surroundings or as an elegant venue for a friendly dinner with wine.

Should you choose one of the ground floor apartments, yet require greater living space, two or three apartments can be connected, if needed. In such cases, the price will be determined on a case by case basis.

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