A sophisticated style

Melges is a viciously friendly sporting boat, a fiery and truly individualistic companion to skillful sailors, yet one which can be controlled in all types of winds, leading to rich experiences.

Harry C. Melges began constructing boats in 1945. Later on, his son Harry “Buddy” Melges established their family name in boating circles: after a bronze medal in 1964, he became an Olympic champion in 1972. The MELGES sailboat which bears their name was designed by the world famous Reichel/Pugh office, which has been taking the world by storm since the second half of the 90s.

The boat is characterized by refined solutions and a dynamic nature. It’s a truly popular work which suits many tastes. The same can be said of the apartments of the MELGES buildings in Pelso Bay.

Luxury apartment with atrium

The two-storey building with atrium-like features and a large floor area and the arrangement of its apartments have a sense of refined elegance. The buildings constructed around an interior garden allow for creating a unique internal layout.

The apartments which are mostly over 130 square meters of floor area feature multiple terraces, an internal atrium, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms as well as spacious open-plan kitchen layouts.

The two-storey building may be purchased in its entirety, or divided into two apartments, with a variety of layouts. It’s ideal for acquainted families or larger groups, as the nearly 260 square meter villa building features up to 6 full bedrooms and a 100 square meter roof terrace.

In case of a horizontal separation, the ground floor apartment has direct garden access, yet with a less spectacular panorama, while the upstairs apartment has a panoramic view of Tihany and access to the interior lake.

If vertically separated, the building features two floors + roof terrace apartments.

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